Burned Maps - Unofficial Eternal Lands Maps

The latest version always available on this page.

Maps are 1024x1024 size.

Current version: 1.9.4-004
Released: October 31, 2015

Download the Map Pack here: Google Drive

To Install: Follow instructions on EL-wiki Custom Maps Page.

1.9.4-004 Release Notes:
Major changes:
- 1024x1024 maps - should fix the "white screen" bug some people were having due to a non-standard dds width/height.
  (Larger pack like previous releases only will be made available if there's enough demand. These should be fine.)
- Full Seridia and Irilion continent click-maps
- Portal and Ring entrance points marked on maps
- Tweaked coloring and outlining of PK, fast regen, school, fast read areas
- Tweaked coordinate line coloring and improved their numbering fonts
- Maps are (slightly) brighter
- Entirely new scripting with different underlying graphic program used, so most all graphics/fonts are different to some degree
- Legend adjusted to look better, with added info for ring/beam marks
Minor changes:
- Mineral/ore marks added to Thelinor main map
- Neora (Irsis ranging arena ticket seller) added a ? to her name as she still hasn't been added as of this BurnedMaps release
- Fixed incorrect marks on TG Magic School map
- Fixed incorrect mark on PV Magic School map
- Imbroglio Islands - Several incorrectly marked maze entrances fixed
- EVTR insides of alch school principal back room (building "A") mark leads to building "B" (was marked as leading to EVTR)
- Added mark for returning to Ruins of Tirnym on Tirnym Past map
- Added missing Glacmor Magic Shop entrance mark
- Added missing mark for Trassian Magic Arena entrance
- Irsis House "P" entrance mark fixed (incorrectly marked as "B")
- Nordcarn magic shop mark fixed (was marked as a flower shop)
- Nordcarn "Glilin Temple" mark spelling fixed
- Ruins of Tirnym and Tirnym Past maps - "Tirnym" spelling fixed
- Ruins of Tirnym - cave to past mark leading to further building fixed to "PE" (was "TE")
- NRM main map volcano graphic fill-in improved
- Replaced "PK" image on PV map with current version (still had -001 version)

 SECRET HUNTERS NOTE! Old maps had unreachable areas and such. Unlike those, if you see a location on a Burned Map, it means it is possible to get to it! Somehow. How to get to secrets is, of course, up to you to find out.

Samples from 1.9.4-004 release
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Seridia click-map
Seridia - Burned Maps

Morcraven Marsh (shows ring+beam marks, new school graphics, etc.)
Morcraven Marsh - Burned Maps